• Escaping the Matrix with Neo-Vintage Rolex

    Escaping the Matrix with Neo-Vintage Rolex

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    This article is courtesy of one of our Avid Watch Collector Clients.

    When the famous investor & media personality Kevin O’Leary was asked about his watch collecting, he replied, “Oh, it’s a disease”. Admitting his passion & desire for ownership was so intense it should be considered a medical condition.

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  • Introduction

    Since it’s inception in 2015, the Apple Watch introduced a smartwatch that struck a balance of form and function, and since then there’s been a plethora of Apple Watch straps come onto the market in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. As a result of your feedback, we’re really excited to let you know that we’re now offering Apple Watch Straps, all handmade in our quaint Marylebone studio in London!

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  • We’re incredibly excited to announce we’re now a LAPADA Approved Service Provider.

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  • We discuss the challenges involved when you start collecting or investing in luxury watches. What are the best watches to collect for investment and which are likely to hold their value?

    You may also face other unexpected hurdles such as extremely long waiting lists and an unnecessarily snobby attitude from your authorised dealer.

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  • Article courtesy of The Learned Gentleman. Although his blog is no longer live, he’s kindly given us permission to post this to our blog. The original write-up was published back in October 2015.

    Those of you who read my blog regularly will know that as an avid watch collector I love also to find interesting straps for my watches. My search for the world's finest watch straps is ever ongoing, but have I got a step closer to finding the finest watch straps available? Have I found them? I possibly have, but only time will tell. Let me tell you the story of my visit to one of the most exclusive British bespoke leather goods manufacturers – Inro London.

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