It all started with a single stitch.

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The business was founded in 2010 by two brothers: myself, Nawaz and my brother Fiaz. We both love arts & crafts and creating unusual items, but the turning point for me was when Fiaz made me a card case. It was like it was speaking to me.The design had so much soul to it, and from there I just wanted to turn that passion into a purpose: design and craft products that people will love.

From this passion, we took our idea and started trading at Leadenhall Market, exploring what products would be of interest to our client base and testing the demand within the market. After a while, city brokers starting coming to us in search of a bespoke slip case. However, they weren’t looking for the bland single coloured choices that were available: they wanted something different. Something that reflected them and their individual personality.

To this day our focus remains on providing clients with an experience to remember: stellar service and the highest quality products. Keeping our collection small and focused allows us to manoeuvre in what’s an ever changing competitive landscape.

Some of Our Team

  • Ana - CEO

    As the CEO of INRO, Ana oversees the ship ensuring all aspects of the business are running smoothly: from Digital Transformation and Client Experience to supporting and working with suppliers to Supply Chain. Outside of the day job, she’s an avid photographer and likes to dabble in digital illustration.

  • Nawaz - Co-Founder & Client Advisor

    Nawaz is the first point of contact for anything and everything client based - whether you’re going for your first bespoke object or looking for some ideas for a special project - he’ll be there to guide you at each step. Outside of INRO, he’s a big ice cream fan (especially Raspberry Cheesecake and Salted Caramel - both flavours together!), football fanatic and loves travelling.

  • Nazakat - Production & Craftsperson

    Bought or thinking of an INRO product? Nazakat takes the design ideas and turns them into reality. He oversees all aspects of production, ensuring you receive the best quality product. Outside of honing his skills with the tools, he loves playing Cricket.