We make Apple Watch Straps!

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Apple Watch Straps at INRO London

With a vast array of different series of Apple Watches, colours and materials, we understand that it can be tricky to know where to start. You might be saying to yourself:

How can I dress down my watch?

I really want something different - can you pull it off?

This is where we come in. You might know what you’re after, you might be on the fence or you might just be thinking “goodness there’s way, way too much choice!” After all, we’re watch lovers too and we went through exactly the same thing when we first started out with our own watches.

We’re always happy to help steer you in a direction that’ll achieve the best for you and your Apple Watch: whether it be advising on material and colour combinations, sharing insights on styles we’ve had on our own watches or helping you achieve the right fit.

What’s even better is that whilst you’re at our studio, you’ll be able to see where the straps are made - that’s the exciting part!


Over the ten years we've been trading we've seen what happens when companies get you bogged down in the numbers. We'll, therefore keep this part really simple!

The great thing about Apple Watch straps is the measurements are really easy to work with. It disheartens us when people have gone to other brands and have been sent page-long forms for measurements. We take care of that part. After all, we want you to love your watch that little bit more and not feel like you've been in a Maths lesson!

Putting it simply, all we'll need is your wrist size and we'll take care of the rest.

Ready to transform your watch?

We're always about putting the fun into bespoke: whatever style of Apple Watch strap you're looking for, we're ready to help.

Give us a call on +44 207 998 3947 or come and see us at our studio:

Alfies Antique Market

2nd Floor, Studio G

13-25 Church Street,

Marylebone, London