Inro (or ‘seal-basket’) are small decorative containers that hang from the waist and have their origin in 16th Century Japan. They were most commonly used by provincial rulers to carry identity seals. By eighteenth century they had become decorative accessories and were commissioned by the merchant class, provincial rulers and their samurai, and those that could afford them to express their unique identity and individuality.
Inspired by this, INRO perpetuates this tradition according to the highest standards by creating exclusive, beautifully crafted leather goods and accessories all handmade allowing each client to own a unique INRO creation.

Bespoke Leather - Belts


Before we think about what goes into your product, we think about what you will get out of it.
Over the past three years we have been inspired by stories how our service has transformed the way our clients go about their ordinary lives. So when we design, we start thinking about its purpose. How you hold it, what you will do with it, where you will take it. And we design on the idea that our creations is defined by how people use it as well as how they want to be seen by it.


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 INRO bespoke business card case  Personalisation logo die for corporate client
   Sleater Slipcase - hand dyed
 Creating Luxury  Key card case for prestigious apartments in Fitzrovia- where creativity lives and works. ------------------------------------------------ #bespokeleather#bespokekeycardcase
 All-in-one accessory box  Stingray Pocket for Jacket. Requested by designer Tailor Newell bespoke for his Hollywood client. ------------------------------------------------ #inrolondon #bespoketailoring #isartorial
   A classic yet stylish designed leather magazine rack. ------------------------------------------- #inrolondon #bespoke#bespokedesignermagazinerack