How to Measure Your Strap

To measure your watch strap follow the 3-step guide below.

There are just a few measurements we require you to take, but please make sure these are accurate as they will affect the final fit of your strap - even a few millimetres can make the difference between a good fit, and the ​perfect​ fit.

Please Note: All final measurements need to be supplied in millimetres (mm).

Step 1: Determine Strap Width

The first two measurements we require are shown below as A​ (the width of the watch case at the lugs), and ​B ​(the width of the buckle).

It is really important to take these measurements as shown below, rather than measuring your existing watch strap, as that may have shrunk over time.

Width (A) at the watch case (lugs). Width (B) at the buckle

Step 2: Determine Strap Length

The next set of measurements ​are​ taken from your existing strap. The third and fourth measurements are the lengths of each of the two parts of your watch strap, referenced ​C​ (the shorter section) & ​D (the longer section) as shown below.

Width (A) at the watch case (lugs). Width (B) at the buckle

Step 3: Determine Your Wrist Size

For the perfect fit, please give us your wrist measurement too. To make sure this measurement is as accurate as possible, please follow the steps below.

The easiest and most accurate way to measure your wrist is to use a narrow strip of paper the approximate width of the strap you require. Wrap the paper strip around the exact area where you wear your watch, and mark with a pen or pencil the precise point at which the paper meets itself. Then with a ruler or measuring tape, carefully measure to the mark, making a note of your wrist size in mm.

When taking the measurement, place your hand palm facing up, making sure your hand is relaxed and open (rather than clenched in a fist for example) as this can affect your wrist circumference. We will then calculate the exact lengths of the strap required.